Recent Publications and Works in Progress

Published Works:

Poem: Samael’s Psalm, in Folk Horror Revival’s Corpse Roads angthology

Poem: American Dreams, in Apex Magazines’ October 2016 issue

Short Story: Promethieon, in Eternal Haunted Summer’s 2016 Winter Solstice Issue

Poem: Atlanta Aphrodite, in Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s Blood and Roses: An Anthology in Honor of Aphrodite

Short Story: Ghazal, in Eternal Haunted Summer’s 2017 Winter Solstice Issue

Novels on Submission:

Firebird (80,000 words) – Fantasy Romance

Chwal (30,000 words) – Magical Realism Middle Grade

Novels in Progress:

Space Oddity (20,000 words) – Space Rock Opera

Future Novels:

Birds Away – YA Contemporary

Crazy Wears Blue – YA Contemporary

Rapunzel of the Magic Hair! Meet Princess Charming – Middle Grade

Spider King – YA Fantasy

The Swan Prince – YA Fantasy

Harold the Dragon – Middle Grade

Ghazal – YA Fantasy

Prometheion – YA Fantasy

The Wooden Soldier – YA Fantasy

TBA Norse Mythology Book

Tardigrade Girl – Graphic Novel