Love You

You are my everything, my Book of Life
my cornerstone, and I get drunk on you.
Your breath is my air, your arms my home.
I want to build you a castle of words and
give your dreams safe refuge in paper print
lanterns, so we can go floating up to the
crown of the nine realms on magic runes,
and the gods flicker like stars, and I eat
Idunna’s apples every time we kiss in those
Yggdrasil heights. Gollinkambi crows your
glory, my king, and it is you who reigns
jarl over my bone, blood, and flushed lips.
I am still so drunk off your poetry, so
enchanted by your galdr after over a year,
when I examine my wyrd, it is a throne for
your glory, my magician, my heirophant,
Odr, be with me or I will wander and weep
tears of gold over you, strangled by amber


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