Judex Crederis

And at the table there is no bread to break,
for to dine with enemies and Samaritans is sin.
In the temple, the wine is rancid, the offerings
have maggots, and the false prophetess sits at
the head with a mouthful of flies. Christ rebukes
them by the fire: “Your legacy will wither at the
root, your falsities will lead to ruin. Cursed
are your generations, no succor will they find,
though they seek water, no food shall they eat,
though they hunger. Cast out of Paradise and
exiled from grace, your covenant is broken, and
your temple is swiftly crumbling. Never shall it
stand again, but the feast will be perdition,
and the crops you reap dusty and not filling.
I condemn you, false flies, I cast you out.”
And Christ walks on water onto a burning sea,
and the false prophets are cast into flames,
and Judex Crederis sing the angels, glorifying.