Damascus Road

I was a Saul, no angel heard what I said in my brier bed below,
in the depths, in the pits, I made my coffin in Satan’s heart,
and come Hell or high water, temptations and the tarnish of time,
I did not believe, for how can the blind see and dumb speak? I was
deaf to revelations, the gospels were like sand, and only when the
blade of the spear pierced me, and out gushed spring water, and my
brow was painted with a double tailed fish, open DNA helix of Christ,
did I wear the circlet of thorns, stare at the broken crown, and the
Damascus Road spread out like the harrows of Sheol, and Gehenna spat
me up into the lap of God, and there I nursed on His heart’s waters,
and my bloody wings turned pink, then white, and everything washed
away in the hemoglobin of the covenant, iron is in nails and His veins,
what was once manifold and untouchable, made flesh, and now my heart
is attacking my throat, and the mist of tears and joys and agape worship
bring me breathless to my knees, and Saul becomes Paul, and Whore of
Babylon becomes the New Eve, your face turned upwards resplendent to
your Father as you wasted in your travails on the cross haunts my every
waking widowed hour, Yeshua, what more could I give? What looses my
chains and frees me from Satan’s clutches? I do not even want to be
free, and fool that I am, I plunge off cliffs into the ocean like flocks
of the possessed, the barren wilderness is more home to me than the
Heavenly Palace, golden throne, and river of beryl and rubies! Have
mercy on my penitent soul, I am losing every doubt, and the terror of
knowing Your love is like birthing the moon, loving the sun, and becoming
a star, here I stand at a crossroads, between the narrow and wide, between
the right and the easy, yet, I choose to hack through the wilderness with
my scythe, clearing a new path, one never trod before, the middle pillar,
for I am the High Priestess, and she rules between the black and the white.

I never knew a love like yours, and when you manifest, I lose all senses
as I am swallowed up into your Immaculate Heart, what is the price of a
sparrow? It is the mustard seed, smallest of grains, and from it grows


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