To Be Flesh, To Be More

In the end you’re just meat, girl, a doll of blood and bone,
thus decay goes to flowers, and hellscapes bloom in snow, I
was born when ice and fire sparked into existence’s black maw,
but you are almost as ancient, the union of water and lightning,
amino acid dance into DNA, primeval ribonucleotides, a swimming
single celled blossom, fruiting into multicellular, now limbed
and mouth and anus and past blastocyst, oh bodily bearer, your
nightmares and fantasies are just projections of reptilian brain,
you know your biology, Krebs cycle from tired muscle, cytokines,
we are the stuff crocodiles are, time trapped in our gullet, so
as I finger and devour and eat and kiss and fuck, know death is
also a dance, bow, plie, caress, and don’t ever open your eyes,
because if you do, I will disappear to the shadow of nothing,
past the edge of midnight, where monsters belong, and I only
live as long as you believe in existence beyond the flesh.


40 thoughts on “To Be Flesh, To Be More

  1. Mine is good… except when she’s bad. Depression is alien to her. She has no regard for mine. It’s brilliant.

      • Agree. I have had my cat 15 years. She was 10 weeks old when I got her and the only survivor of her litter. Her mother also died of the illness that took them all. My rock and roll Cheyenne is tough. 😻😾

      • A day at a time Allie. Gee you should have heard some of the garbage I had to listen to yesterday. In those situations I have to ask myself what the cat would do…💥😼🙊

      • The sun also rises. Inevitability. I tend to go along with most of what anyone says externally. My feet do my talking and in my heart I know who I am and what I believe. A lot of most people is just words. Most arguments just steal our time. Lately I’ve been listening to some absolute hogs wash from some people. If they actually had any reason to be talking it they could probably be charged for something. Lol
        Some absolute idiots out there and they usually have never been without privilege.
        It has actually reminded me why teenagers rebel when some adult with a strange agenda clearly has no idea what they are experts on. I have a lot of empathy for young people. Enough to stay away unless required in an emergency.

      • Hope you are continuing to focus… I listened to that Viking music you sent me, this morning on my way to the pool. Was great.
        Egyptian pantheon keeps coming back to me as well.

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