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You dropped by today dissected my verse thoughtfully pointed out all the ways I could smooth out my edges improve flow to slide more gently past your discerning eyes you must be fucking new here if you think I was asking for it not a fan of unsolicited advice my “friend” I like my truth […]

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Asylum of Eve

A lot can happen from 20 to 25.

Dances with Tricksters

This poem is really personal, written the summer I was 19, fully manic and about to enter a psychotic episode that would last a month.  I’ve struggled a lot with faith due to my mental illness, sometimes I think I’m damned, that God hates me – why else would I constantly dream of Hell and demons?  It’s something I still struggle with today.  All imagery, allusions, and quotes are drawn from my nightmares and dreams.

As an artist and writer, I think it’s important to share the things I create when I’m unstable.  Since I’ve received medication and therapy, I am so much happier and my writing has dramatically improved.  I was in so much agonizing mental anguish and constant pain when I wrote this poem.  I thought I would die before I was 20, by my own hands or his.  I was running but the problem was, the evil was, and…

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Immaculate Conception

The woods ripple with the burble of streams and cries of songbirds.  Ecstasy in the sun, pleasure in the wind brushing wildflowers and spreading pollen abreast bees sailing across the silver air, honey and cream and buttery yellow dandelions all resplendent and endless.  Heaven is wherever you are, my archangel, my prince, my knight in angel’s armor.  You are perfection manifest, and in our tangle of limbs, I can see the beginning and end of Creation, and every poem in between.  Your song is my life, my life is your psalm, and together, we are immaculate.