Introducing my Artsy, Witchy Patreon!

Hello lovely followers!  As you may know, I am currently a PhD student living on a very tiny stipend that puts me far below the minimum wage.  To supplement my income, ensure healthcare and grocery and rent money, but above all to challenge my art, I have created a Patreon!  I will be doing personalized commissioned poems and illustrations for my supporters, sharing my exclusive short stories and never before seen novels, my art and paintings, and even channelled messages, Tarot and Oracle reading, and spells taught to me directly by spirits like Hela, Michael, Odin, and Samael.  This is above all a fun outlet to express myself creatively, and I hope you will hop on my withchy broomstick and come along for a ride through the stars!

My Patreon 

Celestial Spirits


Running With the Wolf

Bruises blossom on blue, blood flows like wine.
You don the blindfold of the executioner, ride
on to the cusp of vespertine curses, the bright
moon is snuffed out by your rebellion, you swing
your axe and the guillotine of your heart reigns
over my beheaded ego. Unleash my demons and run.