Devour Me

You are the spiderweb lace I wrap around my soul
your love sticks to every crevasse of my wounds
and the venom in small doses heals, not kills,
for truly to kiss you is to be poisoned, I long
for summer days and spring nights, and anywhere
you turn, there I follow, for butterflies in
arachnid’s enchantment care little what light
burns them, and the black widow’s hourglass
is red with the time we spent languorous, wet
with dew and wild, as you devour my heart I
am tracing out an elegy of your spinnerets
song, your eightfold eyes that dissect me in
all the most perfect ways, so consume this
monarch wing that burns just for you, but
beware – the orange is burnished infection,
and just as you drive me wild, so I will
imprint my last breath on your wind, so,