Running With Wolves

We gnash pearly teeth and howl out our ancestors
the moon is our mistress, the stars our mothers.
Can you run with the wolves, with grit and gore?
Can you lead ravens to feasts and hunt berserker?
Hold the beast in your heart with a raging battle,
tame your temper and passion and trek far and wide.
Come race across glaciers and wild woods eternal.
Come eat elk and foxen and fill bellies with water.
We are the first tribe, we are the last generation.
Run with the wolves and become one with the kin.


“Am I Hearing a God or Am I Going Crazy?” ~ One Polytheist’s Angry Rebuttal

This is an amazing post about spirituality and mental illness. As someone that struggles with mania, depression, psychosis, anxiety, and suicide, it is myMEDS, not my gods, that have saved me. I am a proud mentally ill pagan with a full time job, scholarship for my masters, straight A’s, a budding writing career, and intense devotional practice, all thanks to modern psychiatry

Unhinged and unenlightened

I try not to spread anger. I try not to spread hate. I try, as much as possible, to be non-violent. But when I see ignorance and harm being perpetuated, I feel that keeping silent is a way to perpetuate such harm. So I find myself compelled to speak out. There are several articles that have pushed my buttons, but they are growing old and so I can try and talk myself out of dealing with them. ‘no need to add fire to fire’ I tell myself.

But this one. This one makes me angry. And perhaps I am adding fire to the fire, but you know what? At least by voicing my concerns, there will be a voice out there arguing for the sake of those of us with serious mental illnesses. And hopefully, I can help those who relate feel less alone. Because seriously, these sorts of…

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