Strange Dreams

You drag me around by a golden braid set to strangle
I crash into the floors, pound walls, smash windows,
I break free of your chains and say, nevermore shall
you bruise me and batter me, I cascade out the door
go soaring towards freedom, but junkie demons prowl,
light up a joint, drag me into their Jaguar, speeding
through summer, I clock them and run, fly to the ruins
where your heart is in glass, hellish processions parade
through the mausoleum, turn salt water ice, I freeze
under the gaze of giants, and you are cherry red eyes,
black helm, ears like razors, black cloak of midnight,
I strike your chest with a silver hammer to reveal rot
just a rib cage and spine, you choke me and caress me
say I am the battle prize, place me in your abyssal
void so that my gods are safe from your stain, I the
Valkyrie that plunges into your abyss to banish you,
we are moon dust and rockets, we kiss on a crash site,
a crater our bed, I exorcise all earthly blood in you
there are shark teeth at my neck and I fight with lips
that lock onto danger, I shield the world from your sin,
destroy you, erasure, and the green earth is whole again.


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