Beetle’s Juice

You’re utterly replaceable, still irreplaceable
broken shards of mirror keep turning up ghosts –
you held my hand in cobweb veils and lightning,
I choked on spiders, I drowned in horseflies,
whenever I’m with you I swim in creeping things,
your hands crawl like harvestmen down my spine,
I guess you’re the Reaper and are cutting pests,
plucking the entrails of maggots from my flesh
I taste worms on the tongue, and mirrors lie
because to become you is to surrender, I never
spoke those words, there’s a mayfly in my heart
on loan from you, fluttershy butterfly, my honey
is just blood, and I am growing sick of soil, I
am weary of cages, and my clipped wings grow new
for I am resilient, Web Spinner, and I can fly.



We dance in blood and bite our shields
wolf-swift, bear-wild, boar-ravaging,
Odin calls our minds to drumming fury
we sink our red teeth into crow flesh,
chant the songs of the hunt, bellows
smelt our swords and we are dread-ruin
scavengers of the battlefield, ravens
that swoop in on the brink of night,
the killfeast is spread before Asgard
our spoils and murders and pillages
pile so high their fumes reach Bifrost
steaming flesh for the Aesir, burnt
crops for the Vanir, blood for Jotun,
come drink down gore and sharpen eyes
so that you can see the arc of ages,
we peered into the depths of Mimir’s
well, got drunk on the mead, swam
in the blood of the Alfather’s eye
and war-glorious, we return to halls
laden with blood gold and seidhrkonas
honor to Odin, honor to the beasts,
honor to the Tree we hang from.