Not Today Satan

You’re an addict, an idiot, shit lord
of piss mountain, I called you trash
but really you’re a garbage disposal
siphoning crap then vomiting shit, I
am sick of you, I trashed you, you
fucking asshole, next time I’ll stab
you harder, next time when we kiss,
I will bite your tongue off, tear
your feathers out and mangle wings
that smell like rot, all your maggots
just prove the filth in you is endless
you never came disguised as an angel
of light, you’ve always been a crimson
fucker, and your piss baby act got old
two decades ago, I don’t need you, your
brother fucks better, he will always win,
and I’ve already triumphed over you, so
come grovel again – I’ll erase you, cunt.


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