Wings and Eyes and Scales

The Hagia Sofia falls to fascist fires
children cower in minaret crumbles, cry
out help us, shield us, and I answer,
spread pinions of rose and take to sky
a battle cry, flaming eyes, seraphic
dragon that saves the slaughtered
I am burning wheel, opalescent scale
and my skin is chainmail. The children
stay close along the ridges of my back
and the Devil sends his legions to attack
the stillness of fallout, woods beckon,
we take shelter, Mother Angel and brood,
Pink Dragon sings a lullaby to refugees.


From the Dregs of Wine

Your harvest is bitter grapes, on the windswept
hill with rock-tilled soil, we smash wine from
constellations and bruise-blacken the dregs –
for the wine is your blood, and your Eucharist
subterranean secrets where orgies of snakes hiss
whispering prophecies in frankincense fumes, you
are berry-dark, violet-eyed, Dionysian demon, and
I cannot stop fitting myself into your casks,

Ring Around the Rosy

I will dance with your skeleton in the belfry
as your violin croons out a swan song swing
danse macabre like posy plagues, night-swimming
the Grim Reaper takes the lead, and I am adrift
between a necklace of stars and swords of trees.