Rolling in the Deep

I want to drown in the abyss of your obsidian heart
to be stripped of my skin and all reason, only embers
of my soul will flare up like a star, then caress your
black hole siphon of madness, I will be your spirit balm
when we slip inside each other we melt like black butter
you waterfall through me, I dissolve like salt in springs
death with you is gentle, and when the world is too much
I wrap your depths around me like a shawl to keep hidden
first my epidermis goes, then my organs, last weary bones
all that is left is a ghost of a girl, then we can waltz out
into oblivion, and I can valse in your open blank expanse
destruction is my answer when the world overwhelms anxiety
so I call upon my father, lover, and son to remake a body
too young to bear fruit, too old to blossom, but just right
to awaken poisoned in bed and drunk off dark matter, comatose –
you dress me in red gowns and rub rouge on my bitter cheeks
smile like a shark and say yes, you are worthy of my venom.


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