Rabbinis tell of a sacred stone
a glowing light Noah illumined
all the deep of flooded worlds
given to Eve: Eden’s last breath,
a jewel suffused with splendor
it holds the dust of Creation,
leftover starlight, God’s promise
possess it, know Torah, truths
so holy only the wisest prevail
in mastering the gem, bearing it
high aloft on an Ark far adrift
Abraham healed with its wonders
Joseph sought dream shards within
Moses found it in forefather bones
and hung it on Covenant pinnacles
crowning the Tabernacle, perhaps
it is the same heart that was torn
from Lucifer’s crown, Lapis Exillis
searched for by alchemist, magician,
seekers of knowledge, vain man’s ruin
I clutch the Tzohar in dreams and sail
to World’s Edge, scale cliffs, dine
with Death, play chess with Reapers
the prize is God’s christening gift
to humanity – I knock down a king,
Samael crinkles in a serpent smile,
laughs, takes me to the interior
of the earth, rectifying, the hidden
stone is mine, disguised in plain sight
and I walk through cathedral caverns
to return it to Man, safe from Satan’s
grasp, I sprang from the heart of Lucifer
because I stole his most precious soul.


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