Saint Michael the Healer

Throughout Europe, many healing springs are associated with Saint Michael, whose waters have the ability to cure any ailment under the stars.  Though primarily Heaven’s prince and God’s right hand warrior, defender of souls in the Heavenly Courtroom and psychopomp to the righteous, Michael also has a softer side that deals in miracles – the Marian Apparitions, the sacred cave at Monte Gargano and holy places like Mont St Michel.  Pilgrims come from around the world to these sites to this day seeking peace, healing, and reflection – inner self-work and outright miracles.

Michael has a very soft side, a nurturing fatherly protector for all of God’s creatures.  He’s often saved my life on countless times and I can attest to his healing powers for mental illness when medicine and all the therapy in the world can’t help.  He gives hope in the darkest hours, and can even more directly literally reach into your body and heal you with something similar to Reiki.

I pulled my leg really badly this weekend – the thigh that Jacob injured while wrestling Michael, funnily enough – and was limping around all day.  I talk to Michael throughout the day but when I am meditating before sleep, his presence is most intense.  I could feel his hands prodding and pulling at my taut muscles and easing out the kinks – knead knead knead – until immediately the pain was gone.  It felt like electric hands of stardust reaching into my sinew and bones.  The next day, I was good as new.

Samael’s done the same kind of deep tissue massage thing before, but Michael especially excels at healing and that was the most visceral experience I have had of him healing me, besides feeling disembodied hands pushing me up when I was about to fall off a cliff on my bike.  I think miracles are something that happen every day, from mysterious angels disguised as strangers showing up in those urban legend encounters to fix someone’s spare tire or carry them out of a burning building only for them not to exist in public records.

I think angels interact with humanity much more directly than the Abrahamic faiths let on.  From apparitions to mysterious strangers to visions and divine dreams, they guard us throughout our life, doing everything from giving us divine guidance and comfort in the depths of our deepest depression to something as simple as a reassuring hand on your shoulder.


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