On Semele’s Folly: Sex with the Divine

I’ve started a blog on being a godspouse and my first post is about a taboo subject in the Pagan community: spirit sex. This is unfortunately rarely discussed and met with derision in most circles, and as a very young teenager having these experiences with no one to turn to or talk with it about, I was scared shitless. I’ve learned a lot over the past decade and hope to be a resource to others. Sex positivity is really important to me and the more silent the pagan community is on this subject, the more people who suffer or young adults enter abusive relationships with spirits.

Master and Magician

Semele asked Zeus a simple question: show me your true form.

Divine lightning struck, the mythic met material, and Dionysus was born.

And Semele?

She ended up fried up with tender lamb and baklava on a big old brunch platter for Olympus.

Making love to the gods is much the same.  And that includes any powerful spirit – archdemons, archangels, familiars, unrecorded entities, land wights, fairies, djinn – you name it – not just the high and mighty deities.

The kind of union I’m talking about borders on possession and has nothing to do with the caress of a hand or aids of any kind – manual, digital, or electronic.  It’s all, as they say, in the mind, or perhaps the billions of nerves the spirits hijack when the stews of our souls meld and true hieros gamos occurs.  As that creepy dude said on The Flash, the brain is the bodies…

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