You are of the earth, fern-bright eyes, make machine
and sail bend to wily hands, calm and collected, my
rock and best friend, Ashkenazi and Italian, with a
loud, boisterous family with nonna’s cookies and love
as full as a wineskin – you are an extension of me,
and though we are young, I want to mix my future with
you – glacier climber, mountain hiker, Eagle Scout,
honest and kind, up for any kind of fare or adventure,
I love how open you are, how you can talk to anyone,
how your genius and expertise comes out in conversation,
we are independent but grace each others lives, from
Shakespearean plays to museum exhibits to fine cuisine,
we take in the delights of the nation’s capital, and
it is wonderful to have my closest confidant by my side –
we grew up together, I kissed you first when I was four
under a holly tree I took for mistletoe, and two decades
later, we are officially together, holding hands as we
stroll through Tidal Basin cherry blossoms, eat crab at
Chantler’s, take Manhattan by storm, I tell you stories,
you speak of machinations of new technological frontiers
I enjoy how you challenge me to be better, I could do
without your road rage in your convertible, and yes, I
grip the seat and scream, which you find hilarious, but
your whole family are speed demons, makers of wine, beer
and bullets, from shooting ranges to brewery tours, we go
everywhere together, from launching rockets at 12 to the
Renaissance Faire at 23, I’ve known you all my life, and
I hope to the gods I will know you like the back of my
hand for the rest of my life, no matter what changes come
you make me stronger, temper my fire with water, and we
have only just begun.


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