Kingdom of the Mind

Red cloak of victory, battle scars, and princedom
your hair the same, saffron flame, afire passion,
you cry out “Who is Like God?” and raise a sword
above the lintel stone of my dwelling, etching your
protection over the battlefield of my bruised brain
your presence floods my kingdom, just a humble blue
room like yours, girlish with lipsticks and full of
books that take me to fantasy lands, like my dreams –
we meet in liminal places, you my guardian, knight
of all my prayers, you collect my petitions like a
bouquet of roses, bring them to your Father’s throne,
what you tell me is that I will forever be your ward,
you comb starlight into my hair and purify my sorrows
each time we meet, I am renewed, each time we kiss,
I feel bubbling champagne in my belly, and your hawk
face is noble as all heavenly glory, golden skin, a
halo of service, your dominion over creeping things
you defend the small and fragile, raise outcasts up
to warriorship, make a queen of me, a battle glory
shield maiden, and I cry “You are Like God” in answer
to your question, the rallying cry of the angels, and
I would serve no other but you in the wars of my mind.


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