The girl of ruin hides in the closet corner
black hole eyes and skin white as sour milk
she summons phantasmagories of murder, poison
slipping under my skin as I sleep in sweaty
terrors, screaming as her black hair strangles,
thick tangles of evil, her stench is decaying
roadkill, baking in sun and blood, her teeth
are sharp as a shark’s, and she whispers in a
nail on chalkboard tune, singing madly of her
motley machinations – guts spewing, tongues
lolling, heads rolling, my family succumbs to
Sadako’s supper, she gnaws on bones, sucks blood
a child not past puberty that lures me with ruin
in truth she is an old enemy, and I force myself
awake, but when sleep grips me again, she haunts
the dark spaces of my mind, and no one is safe
when Sadako wants company, and monster girls play.


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