Allie and Sam take on Manhattan!

I just spent the weekend with my best friend Sam who writes amazing YA historical fantasy and works at Penguin Random House.  We took on the Met, too many bars, a ritzy jazz club, and lots of Greek pastries in Astoria Queens.  I regret to inform you no actual writing took place this weekend but we did talk shop and craft!  Sam is writing a Cinderella story with illusion magic, lost Prince Louis’s, and victim’s balls set during the French Revolution!   We spent most of our time in an amazing Greek bakery in Astoria, Queens and the icing on the cake, it snowed in Manhattan!


Us with the touring statue of Athena!


Michael making Samael cry like a baby.


Sam with Dionysus and a Maenad!


My favorite statue, an Etruscan woman.


Me with my favorite bust of an anthropological sculptor, based on a Jewish Moroccan woman.


Last but not least, I get some Dionysus action!



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