Windborn Wanderers

I stand at the prow of the spaceborn ship, wormhole demon
at my side, a neutron star pulls us into fiery ellipses
with strong hands my demon takes the wheel with me, we
churn like making butter to navigate the stars, away from
crushing beat down gravity to the vast beyond, he reaches
out through the window, shapes cosmos, we skip hop time
to a place where our crew is frozen in stasis, just me and
my tesseract demon, alone for eons, in time we build moon
kingdoms of silver, comet diamond palaces, a trading outpost
for galactic wanderers, there is time enough for love, for
sweetest growing pains, my second in command is rough like
the cliff faces of Mars, but we are so far, midst Milky Ways
nothing spans the ages of celestial flight like love, truly
and we are wind-born solar flares, illuminating the void
with hearts like fireflies, sail on, silver ship, sail on.


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