Silver Sheen Overlords

The silver skinned greys descended in moonlight
sleek torpedo ships that lit the sky with hope
benevolent, enlightened, humanity knelt, bowed
soon we were rain in their hands, penitent masses
first they made future out of the past, building
streamlined jet towers and ecocyle roads, they
gave us the knowledge of the stars, fed us with
asteroid manna, I was their esteemed translator,
priestess of the holy silver ones, but in the
xenolinguistic babble brook burble of their tongue
I heard a single word – DESTROY – all fragrant fields
to rubble, farm humans for food, make them chattel
dependent on our miracle medicine, giving starman hands.
Rebellion came, from the far corners – war, supernova
nuclear waste, but we won, we won – now silver is illegal
mirrors are cursed, and we will never be fooled, ever
by diamond-sheen, moondust glimmering, lullaby aliens agian.


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