Vapors, tremors, wan limbs, weak knees
you carry the deathly pale girl to bed
tuck her in amongst roses and silk sheets
press a poultice to her brow, sing quietly,
tuck back bangs, hold a trembling hand,
blow out the candle and rock her to sleep
but she wants your lips, your embrace,
she knows her medicine in in your arms
you protest, try to get her to slumber
but in her fever haze she can only think
of you, of you, she breathes your name
gropes blindly for strong shoulders, you
lay her in your lap, you give in finally,
agree to humor the girl on her sickbed
not caring if you are the illness, not
knowing that in you she finds strength
the war rages outside your four walls
outside your damask bloom bedroom
the four poster bed a bower for renewal
she drinks down the gall of flames
her blood quickens, she grows healthy
you wonder at the quickness of her lips
the way she plays with your hair while
begging you to stay, to tell her stories
of a Paradise outside your four walls
outside the blood battle bruises, scars
a field of flowers without the fallen
inside these four walls you two are safe
inside each others arms you know peace
lay down in darkness, entwine, sleep.


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