Calcareous Jewels

The Brood came to us clad in starlight:
carapaces jeweled with Ionian silver
slick with the gold of Andromeda’s outposts
shuddering decapod legs hung diamond-heavy.

We thought them vain, laborious movement
weighed down with treasures from pillage and
plunder, without their spoils they are razor fast.
Without their finery they conquered us like rain
falling ceaselessly down, acidic breath, we lost.

We lost to overlords between beetle and crab
with UV-fluorescent eyes like blue tanzanite
there is no more tanzanite anymore, no more
rings to propose to your loved ones, we wear
sack cloth and dust, always in the pitch mines.

Blood diamond, lust diamond, the Brood eat
jewels, grow fat off emerald feasts, soon they
will run out of gems and metals, soon they will
turn their serrated mandibles on things calcareous
already their Hive Mother wears our leaders’ ribs
hung from her gullet like the finest of necklaces.

Soon the Brood will feast on our skeletons, the
hollow bones of birds, the gley and rust of dirt,
the rocks, the cliffs, mountains to bare rubble.

The Brood are swallowing Earth.

Eating humans whole,
regurgitate flesh,
minerals we


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