Angel Pranks and Oath Rings

I just had a twenty minute mayhem panic over a lost, then found, oath ring.

In October I oathed as in a devotional mystic relationship with my guardian angel, Michael, and for the ceremony used an heirloom gold and opal ring from Australia.  I wear the opal, gold, and garnet ring on my right hand for Michael next to a diamond, gold, and some kind of black stone that has a star inside it (my mom has no idea what kind of gem it is) for Samael, stacked on top of each other.  They both are representations of my  bonds with my spirits and I would be distraught without them.

I woke up this morning, wrote poetry, and was about to start work when I looked down at my right hand and realized the ring was gone.  Cue panicking, crying, and wondering how I could have lost a gift from my mom and Michael’s ring!  It is a family ring that my uncle got when he was in the military for his sister who then passed it down to me, and as a child I would always try on the opal and black star rings with loving curiousity, wishing beyond hope they would be mine someday.

My  mom recently gave them to me and they are oh so beautiful.  Imagine the loss I felt when I thought the opal ring had fallen off at the Metro!

So I tore my bedroom apart, took the sheets and matress off my bed, moved it away from the wall, and finally glumly resided myself to the fact I’d have to buy a new ring for Michael.  Opal is the perfect stone for him as white opal reminds me of his opalescent white wings and heavenly fire, which I consider to be his element.  Despairing, I slunk back to the living room to work and idly glanced at my left hand.

The opal ring had been placed on my left ring finger!

I swear I did not do this and either Michael, as spirits like Loki are known to move objects around, either did this as a joke or I somehow did it in my sleep?  But I don’t sleepwalk or even really move in my sleep, much less have the dexterity to wedge a priceless ring off one of my fingers and onto another? hand??

Michael is the last person I would expect this to do – Samael has moved stuff around before but the fucking Prince of Heaven, a warrior monk that is so straitlaced he’s probably so inflexible he’s made of wood?  Onto my ring finger?  Really?

I would take this as a sign of either affection, a joke, but most likely that he wants more attention from me, or a message to be mindful, but I don’t really know.  This is the biggest instance of spirits-fucking-with-me that I cannot explain away by science and logic.

I Did Not Move The Ring.

Hey, at least I found it – on my other hand?


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