Dancing Life Away

I will never have enough time left for song.
I sing, I sing, I sing of ceaseless dancing!
We turn and tango and salsa into eternity.

Can’t you see life is a dance, dear friend?
Can’t you see I’m caught up in a net of drums?
Can’t you see I’d be lost without the dance?

Our hearts beat the rhythm, our lips melodies
that flourish when we feed ourselves music,
breathe in flowers, exhale sonorous bells.

I dance in heels and shake my splendorous hips
weave spells with my arms, cast stars with hands
that draw down the moon, the song is a prayer.

The song is the answer, our life is the dance.
Never forget worries are washed away by movement.
Partner or no, I will dance on, gyrating, waltzing
in any form the melody takes me, breaks me, frees me!

Open you arms, tap your heels, and dance life away.


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