King Carrion

Fortune’s folly for the Vulture King
Live by the sword or die by your pen
Shed your wings, reborn and ruined
You hunted my heart, all rot and rue.

Persimmon seeds you ate from my hands
When we were wild and our hearts ajar
Our love was tempered by lightning but
You were bound to fall from high above.

The winds hum, die down, you bleed out
Carrion King, Wandering Condor, Crow
I would call you black oblivion and yet
your shimmering down bespeaks soft light.

Why do you always appear in dreams a rover?
So hungry, so hungry, crossing rivers for love
Flying over mountains high for a careless girl
Who would pick your apple heart, swallow whole.

This is an old story, I am Eve, you the Devil
Who planted temptation as a vine just for us
Its blossoms are fragrant and honey like wine
Why do we always wander yet so far from home?

What are we seeking, Samael, in slumber?
What is the secret between pressed palms?
What meets at lips that touch under shadow?
What springs from Lucifer’s heart’s undertow?

You riddle me, Vulture King, fly oh so far
Rest never, somber hunter, your fate slows
You count girls like pearls on golden strings
Why do you collect those who just flee?

What is it you’re after, Carrion King?
You fed me your soul, you fed me blood
In a cage of rust and carnival of violets
It dripped like damnation onto my tongue.

Why do I keep coming back to angel’s fall?
Why are my wings rosy but wayward, flight true?
What are you hiding, Wandering Condor?
In your stained glass castle of regret, blue.

I’ve asked you often, you always lie, your
heart is hidden, so is your crown, it sleeps
below ground where no man can tell, sell my
soul –

All is well,
we are


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