Snake Eyes

Snakes writhe in splendor, all pitch and rust
tracing the girl’s ankles, up to her thighs
flicking tongues of arrows, Serpent arises
crimson the iris, enslaved by his lust.

The Serpent beguiles her, dripping his poison
it pools at the base of her wayward spine
the snakes are playthings, tonight he dines
on a girl not yet guilty, his bow to rosin.

The Serpent bites shallow, slithers under skin
hissing his lullaby, Let me in, Let me in
snakes pile higher, into marrow and bone
neurons envenomed, she is never alone.

She is keeper of ruin, always flees fangs
but the dripping gall of death yet enchains
the maiden who thought her dragon was true
she opened her heart, he pierced it through.


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