Quiet Winter Morning

Emerald eyes and locks of fern flowers
just cradled against the moon of my limbs
you breathe, I breathe, inhale as one,
exhale stardust and setting pink suns
I press my back against your firm faith
Our hands clasp in prayer, in quiet hours
What a beautiful winter awakening, when I
can taste your dreams and hear your sighs
stillness morning musing, rose vines curling
barren of thorns, full of rushing water that
flows as lifeblood between us, all I want
is to hold your hand, know your wanderings
sun creeps in but I am not ready to rise
so I lay here with you, blessed with joy,
I can hear and see and hold you, but truly
it is you who holds me up, aloft to heaven
to drink the dew of dawn, fly, and sing.


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