Hellbound Heart

I love Satan more for His terror than His beauty
The Devil is a cruel poet and even crueler master
I would rather be gutted until I shine than fester
Sharp wit for His sword, tempered, I gleam hell-red
He is my darkness or perhaps I am His chaotic waltz
I own this nebula blood and void heart, it thrums
When we dance there is gore on my heels and wrists
His bite is quick and harsh, His tongue razor wire
His whip like alms, damnation salvation, sin sweet
Sweet as mockingbirds laying eggs on foreign shores
to be raised in darkness by monsters, I am the black
I am the stain, the madness, the finale you all reach
Where I tread is where He treads, where We go is All
To know peace, know pain, to know beauty, break
Break, break, break, and from ruin? Grow.


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