First Thread

My best friend just made a blog – go check it out! She writes beautifully.

Death in Arcadia

In the beginning, there was dark. Maybe not dark, but something like dark. A vast, open space. Not new, but definitely not old. It was, just as we are. Existing.

“In the beginning, it was just us.” He tells me.

“In the beginning, we were.” She tells me.

“In the beginning, there was a sister and a sister, and then, a sister and a Mother.” Sam averts his eyes as he kneels down to take me onto his lap. I’m not a child, but I wrap my arms around his neck, anyways. If she hadn’t shown me the same story, I would have called him a liar.

We’re together, drifting eternal in the dark-space. One of us, or two, it doesn’t matter. More of us, I’m not sure. They may have come later, or existed parallel to us. Did we birth them, or did they create us? They call her…

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