Hieros Gamos

Written at 13.

Hieros Gamos

(the union of heaven and earth)


Did you know that blood can burn, love?

And lightning race through veins

That stars inhabit the center of eyes

And immortality exists in the rain?


I cannot fathom the depths of your eyes, love

I cannot fathom the depth of you

There’s a lightningbug in my hands, love

Its light glows soft and true


My starry bower is yours, love

Then descend upon my dream!

I confess this aching madness, love

In my heart you reign supreme.


Come to me tonight, love

We shall mingle as lovers do

So I followed your rosy will, my love

And charted a course to you.


Come romance the burning flame, love

I drank the molten lead.

You are part of the stormy sky, my love

I struck and the firmament bled.


Entwined we are a force, love

I end where you begin.

Nothing dares compare to you, my love

The fire burns within.


Cheeks damask, your face in bloom

Blood of the rose, blood of the moon.

Rain drenched, we danced to creation’s tune.

China Rose, Ruddy Moon.



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