A New Day, a True Day

Dawn rose, the cotton clouds parted, and swans arose from slumber
The Beltway snaked like an ouroboros, the Potomac swelled with light –
Politicians drank coffee black at the Tune Inn, Washingtonians whispered:
The days go on, the hours roll like the Appalachian mountains, we wake and wonder
Is this enough? Some celebrate, some mourn, but life’s wheel turns with water
Some water tears, some water heart’s blood, some water breaking for new life
New blood, a movement awakened – the disenfranchised, the young heart drums,
Muslims, Latinx, women, Millenials – we will be your judges, Washington –
We will make our voices heard – by the millions, as these four years march on
We will sound the gong, we will turn the tide, grow not complacent, Capitol Hill
We are your children and we rage. We are your children and we rage.


2 thoughts on “A New Day, a True Day

    • Thank you very much! My heart has been stirred into activism. I will be very active on here writing poems of protest. I work on Capitol Hill and everything is walled off for Trump’s meetings today. What a strange world we live in.

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