Cupid Meets Psyche

A ring from my finger for Eros at twilight
he blushes then hides behind rose leaves
night falls and his palace is silent
silken drapes, red canopy, I wait
wing fluttering, shy, candles, he creeps
in like sweet tea left in the sun too long
lips meet neck and ear, too afraid
to press a seal against skin, so he
just whispers my name, touches hair,
thinks I do not know, I know, oh,
I know, that promises to angels
and their terrible beauty leave girls
betrothed to dragon-slayers who
quietly wait for them year after year
unexpected ties, I wasn’t looking for
a knight in lion armor, but the heart
sings a melody like mulled wine, and who
could deny Eros’ beauty, his truth?
The seasons turn and I am left stranded
on a new lover’s shore, but they’re only
night sylphs, seraphim, as real as a phantom
kiss, he is fire, undoubtedly, and I will
burn like sweet Joan, a wedding dress martyr
still, brother turns on brother, snakes hate
falcons, perhaps it was never just
my choice to make, perhaps princesses
are kept in towers for their own good,
and my dragon must meet my prince
devotion tears the priestess apart
when two brothers fight, the girl dies
but I cannot fable death, just beginnings
so we meet at midnight, our swords sheathed,
petals upon prayers, water and meadows,
gold skin and frankincense, Eros says
“There is time upon time for us,
and soon, I will help you sing.”


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