Exciting News on the Writing Front

My first professionally published poem, American Dreams, is now available at Apex Magazine, my favorite literary magazine!  I’m also hard at work on a chapbook and have entered Kazim Ali’s Nightboat Poetry Chapbook Contest, so we’ll see how that goes. 🙂

I’m excited to announce my favorite Pagan journal, Eternal Haunted Summer, which I have been reading since I was a wee teenager, will be publishing my story “Prometheion” in their Winter Solstice issue, how exciting!  Prometheion tells the story of Prometheus unbound, an Olympus bordering on apocalyptic, whose fate rests in the hands of one daring girl and her sidekick Hermes, summoned by her burnt grilled cheese.  To say this is a dream come true is an understatement.  Outside of college lit mags, this will be my first published work of fiction!

I am NEARLY DONE with Firebird revisions – I’ve added thousands upon thousands of words and new scenes and really love the new changes I’ve made.  This was a very self-indulgent story as I’ve been obsessed with leshys since I was 14 and basically retold an entire Stravinsky ballet just to write about a family of Russian spirits headed by a leshy tsar whose adoptive son is a wayward bannik.  Cue headaches over Russian diminutives and hours upon hours of research.  I have a lot of images from the story and will probably put together a Pinterest board soon.

I’m really excited because Entangled requested my romance novel during DVPit, meaning Kensington, Sourcebooks, and Entangled are now considering it.  I really hope against hope one works out, as it explores my struggle with mental illness and is about characters very dear to my heart that I have been writing about since the ripe age of 12.  Samael, Shannon, Rosanna, Divya, Damien the werewolf bartending Don – they’re all like best friends to me.  If I had to choose a favorite, I’d pick Damien.  Who doesn’t love Italian werewolves!

So yeah – I only seriously started submitting things for publication about two years ago and have gotten piles upon piles of rejections, mostly because my writing and queries sucked.  I’m improving by leaps and bounds every year.  Here’s to many more decades of writing, hurrah!



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