Dream Diary: Bune’s Birthday Party

My friends work with the Goetic demon Bune, who I may or may not have met in fourth grade in a rather strange dream where Samael dropped me off at his friend’s laboratory.  The nameless demon was tall, slender, had jade green eyes and long silky black hair and was dressed in a lab coat.  I demanded he play with me and he obliged:

Me: “You’re going to be Hell’s double agent and spy on Hell while reporting back to Heaven!  You’re a good demon.  I’ll name you Bane.”

Demon: “Alright I will play with you, sounds amusing dear – DON’T DRINK THAT POTION IT’S POISONOUS.”

Me: (Drops bubbling purple flask – the liquid sizzles like acid into the stonework) “I thought it was grape juice…”

Demon: (Laughs) “No worries, let me get you something to drink and a snack.” (Goes to refrigerator behind the lab and brings back a cookie and apple juice box, which I eagerly take.)

Me: “Thank you!  My mom says I get hyper off sugar!” (Stuffs face)  “Okay, we’re gonna play spies.  I’m the princess and you’re my spy.  We both have guns.  Boom!  You’re dead.”

Demon: “Umm, okay.  Like I said, just stay away from this table, and this Bunsen burner, and this display case – Oh dear.”

(Crashing glass, potions spill.  I hide behind the destruction I have caused.)

Me: “Save me Bane, I’m dying!  You gotta save me from the enemy.”

Demon:  “Alright small child, how about I-” (picks me up gently.  I squirm) “-defend you in your tower while you sit here in this chair, don’t touch anything, and we wait for your guardian to return.”

Me: “Okay.  Can I have more sugar-”

Demon: “No.”

I never saw him again until a few nights ago.  I dreamed that Samael and I were attending a party at an emperor’s mansion.  We took off our shoes at the entrance and were greeted by geisha-like women and young men from Hokusai wood-cuttings.  A Japanese water garden was through bamboo chain curtains, and beautiful ladies and lords of the court were dressed in kimonos, qipaos, and curling silk slippers.  Their hair was silky black and dressed in elaborate coiffures.  What I noticed the most were the traditional Chinese instruments ladies of the court were playing, all so beautiful, and the exquisite collections of handmade pottery that lined the walls.  I asked Samael what the occasion was:

Samael: “It’s the birthday of this land’s emperor.”

Me: “Who is he?”

Samael:  “A very old friend of mine.  I made him oolong tea.” (Samael has a thing for tea.  He’s obsessed.  He pulls out a packet of hand-made oolong from his red and gold robe that smells heavenly.  He gives it to me and we stand in line waiting to present the gift to the emperor.  The court and guests are very excited.)

Me: “Wow, he’s beautiful but intimidating.  He looks… familiar.”

I look up to see an elaborate Asian demon dressed as if he were an emperor from the Han dynasty – blue and green robes with what look like peacocks or phoenixes on them, long luxurious black hair, golden skin, jade green eyes, and a traditional square hat with a fringe.  His hair is done up as if he were Mulan’s father, including facial hair.

He gives a quiet smile and nods at me.  Nervous, I walk forward timidly and place the gifts at his feet, then wander out to the gardens.  He smells like jasmine and rain.  Samael and him embrace and talk in hushed tones.  I see peacocks and fountains and sit, staring at the stars, so brilliant in the sky, until Samael fetches me when dusk kisses the rolling hills of the kingdom.




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