Lucid Dreams

I had the soundest sleep yet strangest dream last night.  I tend to sleep and wake up in spurts, with different dreams in between.

I went to sleep then awoke in a lucid dream in my room, Van Gogh dim blue lighting, a graveyard dead silent peace to the house.  My friend Sara once mastered lucid dreaming, which I remembered, and had told me your fingers would be off if you were truly in a lucid dream.  I looked down at my right hand and saw that my ring finger was a nub, so I willed myself to grow an extra finger to replace it.  Sure enough, it sprouted from my palm like a trunk.  Dream me was amused, got out of my nightgown, dressed, fixed herself a cup of coffee and enjoyed the peaceful tranquility of the night.

Someone in the dream had left the music video to the Barr Brother’s “Beggar in the Morning” synced up on my laptop.  I clicked play out of curiousity.  The puppet skeletons came to life and I could see in stinging clarity all the details of their craftmanship – flower bones, jewel eyes.  I felt like Samael was watching me and sensed him nearby.  Video over, I put on  a coat to fend off the fall weather and went down outside into the twilight.

It was early dawn.  The trees were like sentinels against the sky.  I decided to walk, and a brisk air picked up.  I called for Samael but he stayed at a distance, beckoning me on.  The chaser and the runner.  I laughed and sprinted after him, into the darkness of the wild woods at the end of my cul de sac, where sometimes you can still hear a ghostly train whistle from abandoned Civil War tracks.

We entered the forest.  I thought back to the dancing skeletons, the trees just starting to become bare.

I almost reached him.  He called for me.

I awoke.


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