The Overripe Citrus Antichrist

After watching the presidential debate last night for all of ten minutes I went to bed and dreamed of a dystopian wasteland where Republicans under Trump’s lead had declared, with the NRA’s help, Open Hunting Season on Democrats. They were forcing them into Nazi-like work camps, death by firing squads, and good old murder. There were Wanted posters of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, society had been abandoned, buildings were decaying, and nuclear radiation was everywhere. Hillary was in hiding and her followers and spies used messenger pigeons to communicate. At the behest of a pigeon, I led a group of liberal rebels at a work camp to escape by night and revolt against our conservative overlords – they tried to burn us alive in the building but a few Millenials survived. We made it to safety across a skiff by the ocean and set out for Hillary’s secret base of Democrats in hiding.

So no, I didn’t watch the debate, but I’m pretty sure Trump is the Orange Antichrist. 😉


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