Let my lips skim your bones

Break you down to the marrow

Oh darling, you writhe so gently.

I remember your prison- thick glass no man could break.  Not with all the mortar in the world.

I stared, mesmerized, into your prison.  Saw you, smirking within, eyes mad.

You stalked towards me slowly.  Fear bounded me to my place, and the unalienable fate of prey trapped in the viper’s gaze.  Lips curling into a snarl, your laugh rumbled like the purrs of an oncoming earthquake.  My face was pressed to the glass, eyes agape, hand glued to the chill surface.

There is a point when pain becomes madness, and your own agony the poison inside you.

Bound by love and heartless.  

Broken, bloody wings.

I would pity you, perhaps.

 You raised a hand, daring me.  You pressed it to the glass.

Our palms met, through that sheet of time and space.  The window shattered beneath me, into a thousand dirty shards.  You stood before me, laughing like a madman, growing dark in glory.  I trembled before you, the last one alive, knowing there was no escape from this hell.

The harpies burst forth from their cages, swarming the room.  The Woods of Suicides shrieked out in agony.  All the caged Circles of Hell broke loose, and I stood alone, amongst the Inferno.

Your hair was loose and wild, like the Styx unbound, and a mockery of a crown adorned you.  King of filth and decay- a wound sliced across your forehead and, bleeding, your third eye opened.  The death of the universe gaped back at me.

My blood curdled as the abyss pinned me like a butterfly to the wall.  No escape, not through the madness and unholy atrocities around me.  I was horrified.  And you- you just laughed.

You took me in your arms.  Claimed me.  Broke me.

“Even the Devil deserves love,” you whispered, knife-like, in my ear.  Demanded it, over and over again. Almost as if begging.

All I could do was sob.


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