Hello (Darkness) My Old Friend

Welp. I’ve been neglecting this blog except for the occasional poem. A lot has been happening: new job, new stories, new boyfriend, lots of literary agent querying and twitter pitch parties, more and more lipstick hoarding (I think I have like 600 now o_O), and of course, crazy dreams. I think I’m going to be more active on this blog, following Izzi’s example. I’m just as into obscure bands and and atrocious artwork as her minus the LARPing. I was once recruited by LARPers to be in a pike formation. Didn’t take them up on it. The closest I come to cosplay is the Maryland Renaissance Festival and, well, I guess I ordered that Seras Victoria “Police Girl” cosplay outfit because Alucard is my waifu. I’m such a weeb.

So I think, to shake things up, I will be:

1) Doing makeup reviews because all my Kat Von D, Colourpop, and dozens of other brands are gathering dust. I literally have a lipstick budget each month.

2) Will be doing book reviews: first will be Uprooted. I Do Not Like The Dragon.

3) Will be sharing more stories like I used to. I’ve been in editing hell for a month and I’m waiting to hear back from a few agents, so my newer projects have been stagnating. I have approximately a month to get my middle grade manuscript in tip-top shape for Pitch Wars.

4) Dream journaling because my dreams are full of demonic fratboys and I will go insane if I don’t have an outlet. Go away Samael. Go away Beelzebub.

For those that may be curious about my writing, here’s how my projects are doing:


The Never-ending Samael Story: On submission to Harlequin. I’ve been writing romance novels since I was 11, except now they’re about demons and not magical alien centaurs. Hopefully the kissing scenes have gotten better.

The Russian Story about a Cranky Bannik: Querying agents. I’ve got a lot of good feedback from Beth Phelan’s #DVPit event.

In Progress

Stoner Space Alien Prince and Manic Pixie Dream Girl on a Bender Bowie Space Rock Opera: First few chapters are done. I highly suspect Laura is bisexual and wants to hook up with the space princess.

Darn Precious Messiah: Remember that thing I posted when I was 18 about a Creole Messiah raised by Raphael and Papa Legba? Yeah me neither until recently. I’m 10,000 words in and so far May has beaten up Mister Carrefour with a plastic light saber.

Sad Projects:

Lindworm’s Bride Picture Book: apparently stories about princess-dragons that eat people are not suitable for a rhyming children’s book.

All my short stories. Like, every one.

Happy Projects:

My poetry. I have one coming up in Wyrd Harvest Press’ Corpse Roads anthology and then another is currently under consideration at my favorite lit mag (Cat Valente used to run it!!!)

So yeah. Maybe I’ll actually start blogging again…


2 thoughts on “Hello (Darkness) My Old Friend

    • It certainly is a jungle! Mostly I want to do more creative writing. I’ve been in a bit of a writing rut. Gonna try for a few thousand words each day before classes start in the fall.

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