Gasmask Angel by xmenoux

Salt flats writhe with serpents

woven ankles, matted hair

cytokine storm, infection inflamed

He hoists me up like the plague,

I am Israel’s accuser,

temple pillars all fall

a lysis of faith.

Virulent angels flock round the pious,

Delilah’s flu song lures Samson to sleep.

The pathogenesis of Abraham spans gospels of days

etched in amino acids, David’s DNA,

my fever burns agape, fatal as the cross,

look upon me, Lord-

I am Jesus’ phage,

your son, a Trojan horse,

Demiurge, lysogen.

Saints crowned with pustles,

leaking my name,

virions borne of manna,

sickness my bread-

hung from Sephirot,

a crown gall under bark.

I am cancerous, truly,

my telomeres snapped,

a mutagen of God’s Word-

Samael – carcinogen,

emperor of all maladies,

wretched king, apoptosis.



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