Oh saqi!  How I have imagined you, strewn with rose petals

in a pool of cool rosewater, lying on marble stone.

Like Prometheus, you are bound, but it is I that lies beside you

and no eagle devours our guts, for it is love that consumes us

her tempestuous fires blinding as a seraph’s touch.

The golden chains that bind us are thick as bone,

alive with marrow that whispers of tenderness

hollow, they have secrets that span the ages-

brim with words I’ll never know.

You are my aegis, my pillar, and when I

close my eyes, you’re still branded

on my lids like a watermark.

No matter what halls I walk, I cannot escape you.

Fun-house mirrors cannot lie, for even in their

mercury, you are never distorted, always true,

you carry me.


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