King Lindworm

Monster, monster, looking glass

ivory brush, carved of bone

Lindworm licks my throat.

Burgundy cloth, creme white lace

bloodstained wedding gown

It takes a moment to break you

Golden circlet, four-poster bed

bones beneath the wounds

Bleed.  Bleed slow,

strip back skin

I can save you- save you

Washerwoman, sting with lye

Scrub away the exile

Prince beneath- beneath the scale

My binding is my wretchedness

Serpent nor I speak.

Seven bindings, burned away

Naked, newborn, trembling

Come to me, I whisper.

Stumble, shiver, to the bed

Halted, ragged wind-

breath greedy.

Human lunged.


A poem inspired by my favorite fairytale, King Lindworm.


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