We are young and we thirst.


It’s spelled across asylum walls,

burns half-sung in our silence.

You cut us, our blood flows

we paint the streets with it.


Damn your tools and search!

We are the Makers now-

Our slug trails straddle the world.


I lay down for just this night

Look up at the cold moon,

devil’s shit stained across it

stars whisper dry hymns

and I damn them.


You will kneel before me, heavens

lusting for knowing and touch

I’ve shattered your crown

We will form you and break you

and in your entrails, I’ll divine.


A god beheaded is a god I know

He plucked out his eyes one by one.

I carry his face on my back now

and he chants blind into the sun.


The Waters of Life would revive him,

but I keep him imprisoned and broke.

The fetters of a lover’s embrace,

I demand he suffer as I.


God wept because he was lonely

I drank His blood

Now I know.


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