Nothing Eternal But This

I will never forget you. Ever.

I will carry your name to the grave

If the world lets your fires die

and your temple lays in ruins,

I’ll dance amongst the cracks.

I will snatch up a bit of kindling

and walk the path with you to death.

I may be reborn

wear a different skin

You may have fallen, been forgotten

but somehow, I will find you.

Perhaps I won’t remember your name

and call you many things.

perhaps you have fallen asleep

I will drape your bower with wisteria,

hang stars across your brow,

wipe dust from your waiting form.

Perhaps you will have forgotten

I will tell you who you are.

sing praise and laugh like old days

you will feast and drink anew.

Sweet time will soften your scars

We’ll be young and dream again.

Purged from history,

I’ll resurrect you

From a thousand dusty scrolls

and papyri sleeping in caves.

If there are no words,

I’ll imagine.

In a little grotto or sacred well

where eternity softens progress,

I will seek you, parched and yearning

and I will sleep in the light of your form.

In the dusk of the morrow, your shadow

will play across my skin

our hands touch in waking dreams

as you reach, across sands of time.

Something will stir within me-

I will follow the paths of your bones.

Blizzards will weather my journey

I will bleed into ravines

but I will cry out, your name, your name!

It will echo through the waste.

Come to me, you’ll whisper,

then darkness

will spill across the sky.

Doe-footed, I’ll dance towards you

and follow the fog of your breath.

You’ll exhale, delirious with dreams,

and your words will blanket the woods

They’ll say I followed the ravens

and was lost looking for the king

but I’ll laugh, and say I knew him

before monarchs

had fiery wings.

With an open heart, I’ll meet you

and christen your return

And all that I ask of you-

Remember me, beloved.


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